Welcome to the NH edition of my website.  The former sites in England, as well as in CA, are no longer up and running so I am starting afresh.

For those who remember the earlier editions, there are many things the same but added to .. and yet again, now many things new.  Luckily I can now rant and rave to a degree I couldn't before.  Hahahahahahaha ... (maniacal laugh reverberating through the room)

Old man in the mountain ..

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Updated: 5 March 2016

Currently this site has:

Memorial Day
Remember always ..

Funny stories ..

Warhammer 40K ..
Warhammer 40K ..

The house ..
House construction ..

Tourister page ..

Get dancing with tunes ..
Tunes ..

Let's cook ..

Photo Gallery ..
Photo Gallery ..
a test.

Flames of War ..
Flames of War ..

Just chillin' ..
Winter in NH ..

And for those of you interested .. these were the graphics to the older editions.  
The UK site ..

This site began as a rant against the UK quarantine which my cats had to suffer through.
The CA site ..

A bit cleaned up and mostly a tourister site showing the things we did in the UK.

Click for Lakenheath RAF, United Kingdom Forecast

This site has been rebuilt using CoffeCup Html Editor 2006, and a lot of caffine.  Hand editing is still my preference for cleaning up the webpages as I feel that too many websites have flaws since their creators rely on faulty generators.  I have a real problem with scrolling sideways!  I will admit though, to create a fast page layout it is sometimes easiest to use a WYSIWYG editor.

Remember ... the choice of browser to surf the web is yours!  Don't believe that the browser that comes bundled with your computer is the only, or best, that is available.

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Note that the site will be under rather drastic revision (or as we used to call it "construction").  This will be a learning tool for myself as I attempt to bring myself up to par with some of the latest technology .. and have fun.

  So, if you experience problems or discover broken things on this website, please write a message to ...
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