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Another game that I've have begun to play recently is Flames of War. This is a tabletop miniatures game allowing one to recreate battles or scenarios from World War II.

The miniatures are made from either resin or pewter and are only 15mm in height which means that my painting them is very difficult.

FOW Rulebook .. 
Hammer & Sickle codex .. 

I've built my first set of forces from the Hammer & Sickle codex. And since I can correctly pronounce the words I chose to build a German Force.

Due to the style of the force structure, which seems to suit my style of play, I built Sperrverband (or in English .. a Blocking Force) groups/listings.

My Hetzers have way too much fun chasing the enemy armour.

Visit Battlefront's website to get more information about the game.

And visit The Game Castle to come play!

Follow this link to some pictures of one of our games ..

Since it was winter here in NH while I tinkering with my lists, here is a link to one of the home-made scenario's/modifications to the rules.

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