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I recently had the joy of playing in a 1500 point tournament at the Game Castle in Londonderry, NH..  I had tried before to use a digital camera to take pictures, but sadly had botched that horribly.  So I resorted to bringing out my old SLR camera.  Here are some pictures and a quick blurp about them .. clicking on a picture will bring up a larger view.

In the first battle I was lucky enough to be able to place  one of my Tactical Squads into a tower overlooking the center of the map.

This was then a fixation point for the enemy and through the battle my squad was able to hold its ground.

Btw, the forces that I've built are generic Space Marines which I've titled the Iron Broncos.

Tactical Squad in tower ..

My sniper squad was quite effective causing havoc for the enemy forces ..
My snipers ..

A view of the enemy forces .. bad tank, bad tank!  The opponent player was playing Imperial Guard forces and I was lucky that he did not get all of his vehicles on the table at the same time.
Enemy forces ..

A view of one of my Tactical Squads moving out to engage the enemy and to occupy buildings which lead to victory points for me.
Tactical Squad moving out ..

In the second battle I was up against a army of Demon Hunters.  He had all his Rhino transports and the Land Raider filled with Inquisitors and Imperial Storm Troopers.

On the first turn he took out my Predator with a Hunter Killer missile!  The poor thing didn't even get a chance to fire yet.  :(

Here they come ..

But then it was my turn and my forces moved out to engage the enemy and get up close and personal.  It was great, but I was sweating the entire game .. I had never gone into combat against this type of army before.
Time to get at them ..

Luckily I had made up a squad specifically for targeting vehicles .. these guys took numerous of the enemy vehicles out of action, particularly the Land Raider.
Heavy hitters ..

And the final battle was waged against the alien Tau.  Missiles were flying all over the place from both sides!
We don't need no stinking cover ..

Moving out to get within weapons range .. unfortunately the Tau have some better range weapons, but my forces were again able to prevail and victory was ours.

Bwwaaaahhhhhahahahahahahah ... death to all aliens!
This tank makes good cover ..

This was a Saturday afternoon well spent .. my son and I has a blast .. good company with the other players .. and my army was victorious in all three battles.  I garnered second place in the tournament and got a gift certificate for the Game Castle.

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