2010/2011 Winter time in NH ..

We were hit by a series of snow storms and am I ever glad I bought a snowblower this year .. I would have been laid up in hospital if I had tried to shovel all this snow to keep the driveway and walk-way clear.

The first group of pictures were taken a couple of days after the snow storm, the bottom group the morning after the first group.

Click on a picture to see the larger image.

The view from my front door. Next year I will not park my truck in the front yard with the entrance/exit leading to the street. The town snow plows tend to bury my little makeshift driveway too frequently. 2011_02_03_img_0743a.png
Looking down the driveway .. Stan's truck gives a size reference. 2011_02_03_img_0752a.png
My walk-way from the driveway to the front steps .. and a path that I cleared to get to my truck in the front yard. 2011_02_03_img_0756a.png
The poor mailbox .. looking down the street from my driveway. It is amazing how high the town snow plows can mound the snow! I have yet to determine whether I'm impressed or simply totally frustrated with them burying my driveway all the time. 2011_02_03_img_0760a.png
My poor old truck .. it took me about 45 minutes to clear a path back to my truck from the street. 2011_02_03_img_0761a.png
Yea .. I can now move my truck out of the front yard. Maybe. I still have a lot of ice and snow tucked up underneath. 2011_02_03_img_0762a.png
Stealth is not a happy kitty when it snows outside, especially when the snow is higher than he. 2011_02_03_img_0763a.png
The above pictures where taken shortly after I got home from work yesterday. Today I dug out a three foot wooden dowel, marked it in one foot increments and placed it to show more dramatically how deep our snow is at the moment. 2011_02_04_img_0765a.png
I sat on the second step leading up to the front door to take this picture .. this is what poor Stealth sees when he steps outside to look around. 2011_02_04_img_0766a.png
Moving out to the driveway I turned around and took this picture of the front door area. 2011_02_04_img_0769a.png
Luckily the mailman can still find the mailbox .. I figure after the next snowfall I'll have to dig a hole into/through the snow mound to be able to access the mailbox. 2011_02_04_img_0771a.png

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