About me ..

You know, when I figured I'd make a quick page telling a little about me I thought it would be a easy thing to do.  But the reality of it is that I really don't know where I should start.  So, I guess I'll step back and punt .. starting with where I was born, grew up, and continue on that way.  Be forewarned this page as a result may ramble on for a while .. <G>
I was blessed to be born in the Bavarian Alps in a little place called Garmisch-Partenkirchen.  From there, at the age of 3, we moved to Munich (or rather correctly spelled - München) where I lived until 20 years of age.  I speak and understand Bavarian (which is different than German <G>) fluently, though my reading and writing is a bit slow.

In the picture to the right is a collage of the beergarden in the Englischer Garten, the Bavarian flag, the Oktober Fest (in the center), the Rathaus (seat of government), and the Frauen Kirche (a church which has the devils footprint in the entrance .. he was so peeved that the monks had built the church that he stamped his foot in frustration and left an imprint)

I joined the US Air Force and chose the Metrology career field.  My schooling for this career field took about 7 months which I happily spent up in Denver, Colorado.  Btw, Metrology is not to be confused with Meterology .. this second word deals with the weather, Metrology deal with precise measurements.
AFMETCAL Shield ..

My first duty station was down in Homestead, Florida where I found out that I am not a heat and humidity person.  However, one of the good things I managed to accomplish there was that I married my wife and gained a daughter.  And one of my first supervisors and family from there are still best friends .. Hi Tony and Lynn!

Then from there I was fortunate enough to get orders to RAF Upper Heyford, United Kingdom.  This was close to Oxford and located in the Midlands of England meaning that we were only about 2 hours, at the most, from anything.  London, Wales, the coast, etc. We liked it there so much that we opted stay on and I managed to be stationed there 6 years.

It is here that I bought my camera kit and began taking the pictures which are now available in the Tourister Page sections.  I guess this is a type of hobby of mine.

Also, while in England, my son was born.  And I began to mess around with computers.  This was during the heyday of shareware and freeware and it being some of the best software around.

Unfortunately, they decided to close RAF Upper Heyford and I was stuck with orders to Pope AFB, North Carolina.  Remember, I'm not a heat and humidity person.  I did not have a comfortable time there. 

To make the best of it I increased my knowledge of computers and started running a BBS.  Also, I became involved with a volunteer BBS group running a system for the city of Fayetteville.  We tried to expand the computer capablities of community centers, libraries, and schools.  But, unfortunately, that closed down due to lack of support.

So at the earliest opportunity, I put in for orders and luckily received orders for RAF Feltwell, United Kingdom.

(Fayetteville Area Community Telecom System)

Back in England again .. and my picture taking takes off again.  This is where I've taken loads of pictures while at the Duxford Air Museum, the Rougham Wings, Wheels & Steam shows, and numerous steam engine rally's.  My son is old enough now to enjoy these outings and he takes as much interest in it as the rest of us.  He was mightily impressed with our trip visiting London too.

While here I learned how to code in HTML (I had dabbled with it back in Fayetteville), and I learned how to build a house to British building standards.  Boy, are they ever different.  <G>

My wife and I decided that we would live on the local economy this tour and we had a blast!  Our house was a 16th century cottage with uneven floors, diamond lead paned windows that chimed if the wind blew hard, and directly across the road from a pub.  Wish I could have brought the house and the pub back with me.  <G>

(Ed .. of Ed and Suzie - whose house I helped
build.  )


But, unfortunately, all good things must come to and end and I was given orders to my last duty station ... Edwards AFB, California.

Now, before you all start hollerin' .. this was not the California that you see on TV!  This was the California that they use for making films about the martian landscape!  Ugh .. 

But at least I only had to be there about a year and a half .. then I retired from the Air Force.  Maybe now I'll grow up, and get a real job.  <G>

Or else I just might tour more of the United States on my motorcycle .. again.  I've already crossed the US riding a motorcycle two times which, according to my brother-in-law, earns me the Iron Butt award.

So, here I am now, living in New Hampshire.  I am considering returning to school and seeing if I can't broaden my capabilities some more.

So, that's me in a quick nutshell .. Thanks for visiting ... !