Now we're Cooking!

  Okay, I admit it.  I enjoy cooking, and I enjoy eating what I've cooked.  And considering that I've had people come back to eat at my house, I guess I occasionally mix up a decent meal.

So, this is not where I will just photocopy a cookbook and paste it up here for you to browse.   Nope!  I will post some recipes - as few as they are - which I use often.  Or even ones that we simply enjoy for a particular season.

  Be forewarned though, I do not make recipes to be low fat, or any other particular healthy way, but rather for us to eat and enjoy.  I am a believer in the concept that all food is healthy and any food in too great of a quantity is not.  I know, I will probably get a bunch of guff from vegetarians or other health food fad fans, but if you are not interested in eating a variety of foods - then don't bother reading further.

  Also, though I am listing my recipes and suggestions on how to cook something - this is not the end all way to make it!  Do yourselves a favor and if you like a touch more of this or that flavor then put in a pinch more!  Have fun, try it without some spices, or add different ones.  I think people get too hung up on making food a particular way and then they get in a rut.  My family never knows what they are going to eat at a particular meal since we have never gotten into the habit of laying out a meal plan.  Meals are decided by looking at the cupboards and in the icebox to see what we have, then we patch a meal together from there.  Needless to say, we don't have a lot of "Oh no, not this again ..." or "I didn't want that today ..." since even the youngest gets to help with the meal decision.

Oh and by the way, most of my cooking is done using a gas stove and cast iron pots and pans.  That's why you won't find a lot of "cook for 15 minutes ..", the variables are just too great and I'd expect you to be attending your cooking at all times anyway.  Cooking should always be attended to, safer for the kids and keeps you from accidentally burning down the house. :)

Right then, now I want to remind everyone on some basic do's and don'ts as far as cooking is concerned:




  I was going to put my recipes into various classifications, but then I noticed that I don't really have that many to offer yet.  So, for the moment I'll simply list the recipes that I do have by name and let you choose from there ...

Updated: 24 July '07

  Any liability with these recipes is entirely on whomever is making the food.  If you happen to get sick from making it incorrectly, or you break out in a rash since you are allergic to a sbustance - ooops, sorry!  Each recipe shown has been eaten by my family as shown how to make it .. and we are still eating the food.

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