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The Help Desk A week at the corporate system help desk.
Child Dictionary A dictionary of terms about children.
Darwin Award 1997 About people who really should have been culled from the herd.  Well, some were.
Golf I remember .....
Ratings Some ratings of personnel.
Seminars 1 Seminars for men that "higher" education centers should provide.
Seminars 2 Seminars for women that "higher" education centers should provide.
Dads and Lads A sure thing for disaster.
Entrance Exam College Entrance Exam for Athletes
Ski! A dictionary of skiing terms
Why is ... Simple questiions to ponder.
Smithsonian Institute reply to ....
Spell Checker Simply infallible ..
New England
Winters ..
Cold enough for yah?

This material has been gathered from various sources ranging from e-mails to snarfing it off a BBS (when they were still active) or the web.  I cannot claim authorship of any of these, unfortunately.   If you have any stories you'd like to share, please e-mail them to me.

Updated: 13 Jan '07

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