Combating Stupidity

You, too, can do housework

PMS -- Learn when to keep your mouth shut.

How to fill an ice tray

We do not want sleazy underthings for Christmas -- Give us money

Understanding the female response to your coming in drunk at 4:00am

Wonderful laundry techniques (formerly titled "Don't wash my silks")

Parenting -- No, it doesn't end with conception

Get a life -- learn to cook

How not to act like an asshole when you're obviously wrong

Spelling -- Even you can get it right

Understanding your financial incompetence

You -- The Weaker Sex

Reasons to give flowers

How to stay awake after sex

Why it is unacceptable to relieve yourself anywhere but the bathroom

Garbage -- Getting it to the curb

You can fall asleep without "it" if you really try

The morning dilemma if "It's" awake. Take a shower

I'll wear it if I damn well please

How to put the toilet lid down (formerly "No, it's not a bidet")

"The weekend" and "sports" are not synonyms

Give me a break! Why we know your excuses are b**ls**t

How to go shopping with your mate and not get lost

The remote control -- Overcoming your dependency

Romanticism - Ideas other than sex

Helpful postural hints for couch potatoes

Mother-in-laws -- They are people, too

Male bonding -- Leaving your friends at home

You too can be a designated driver

Seeing the true you (formerly "No, you don't look like Mel Gibson, especially when naked!")

Changing your underwear -- It really works

The Attainable Goal -- Omitting "TITS" from your vocabulary

Fluffing the blankets after flatulating is NOT necessary

Techniques for calling home

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