Liver Dumpling Soup

(Leberknoedel Suppe)
A typical German lunchtime soup, or it can be used as an appetizer.


Note - You can use either fresh liver, if available from the butcher, or purchase the liver in frozen packages.  If using fresh liver you might need to remove the membrane from the liver.  Thaw liver if purchased in frozen package.

1 = You can use a variety of breadcrumbs .. either plain, seasoned such as Italian or Garlicand Herb, or even wheat.  This will slightly alter the taste, but makes for a great variety.

2 = If you have access to Oxo cubes, use 6 cups of water and 2 Beef with 1 Vegetable Oxo cubesinstead.   You then might want to increase the salt by a touch, though I wouldn't recommend it.

Chop the liver and onion into fine pieces.  Mix ingredients, except the bullion, in a bowl.  Place bowl into the refrigerator for 25 to 30 minutes.   (Note that using a blender to combine ingredients before pouring them onto the breadcrumbs in a bowl is a viable method.  Mix well.)

While the mix is chilling, pour/prepare the beef bullion in a pot and bring to a boil.

With wet hands, form mixture into balls and place these into boiling bullion.

Cook dumplings for 10 minutes.  The dumplings will change colour, becoming quite pale and as they near being cooked through they will begin to float.

Serve 1 or 2 dumplings and bullion in a soup dish with a side dish of bread/rolls and a salad if this is your lunchtime meal.

Makes 6 to 8 dumplings.

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