At most of the places that we've visited while we lived in England I have pulled out the camera and taken numerous pictures.  These pages are a sample of the places we have gone to and enjoyed.

Cotswold Wildlife Park:One of the many animals ..

 A beautiful animal park nestled in the countryside close to Blenheim Palace.  Our children greatly enjoyed visiting here and the variety of animals, birds, plus the activity areas will keep everyone occupied.

Steam Engines ..

 Belching smoke, whistles blowing, engine pistons chuffing .. the steam engines roll.  Children try to run alongside as adults watch the oddly graceful machines pass by.

Alton Towers:Alton Towers .. let the fun begin.

 An amusement park with a gorgeous garden and park within it.  This is another place that the children had a wonderful time visiting, regardless of how many times we have already been there.  The Manor is, and still might be, under reconstruction, at least partially, and there is a neat car museum on the grounds also.

Warwick Castle:Warwick Castle .. to the dungeon with you!

 Close to Stratford upon Avon (birthplace of some guy named Shakespeare ) stands this cool castle.  If you would like to see a peacock up close - come to this place.  Had two of them walk across my feet as they wandered around the area.

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 Air Shows are enormously popular events.  Most of these photos were taken at the RAF Fairford air shows, with a scattering at several others.

Duxford Air Museum:

 A wonderful place to visit if you are interested in airplanes.  Though it has loads of planes from WWII there are aircraft from other eras here as well.  Additionally, Military warfare chronicled throughout this century is exhibited in the Land Warfare Hall.  (Currently being worked on .. should be available soon.)

The official website is located here ..

Rougham - Wings, Wheels & Steam:

 Located just east of Bury St. Edmunds, the Rougham airfield is active with shows that show all three topics.  Rougham airfield is a historical site and the Rougham Tower Association is working hard to restore some of the buildings located there.  (Currently being worked on .. should be available soon.)

Bressingham Steam Engine Museum:

 This steam museum shows engines that range from stationary pumps to rolling steam engines to steam locomotives.  There are also small steam trains one can ride through the gardens and wooded areas as well as a Victorian roundabout (merry go round).  This site will be a sub site of the Steam Engines site.

Woolpit Steam Rally:  Another steam engine rally which I've attended .. you'll notice some of the engines from other steam rallies are here also.  I've noticed these fellows have a comradery not seen too often.  This site will be a sub site of the Steam Engine site.

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Disclaimer:  None of the sites/places mentioned, and shown, above have asked me to perform this service.  I apologize for any inaccuracies or ommisions.

Photos were taken using a Pentax K1000 SLR camera using either a 50mm or my telephoto lens.  My preference is the telephoto lens since it gives me more options of trying to frame the picture.  Film used was typically Kodak Gold 200 ASA.  Images scanned on a HP 5Pse or a HP 3300C scanner and edited with Paintshop Pro.  All photos, unless otherwise noted, are copyright of M.J.Medai